Friday, October 9, 2009

15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design

I came across this great post recently over at Smashing Magazine that went over some of the common mistakes e-commerce sites make that cost them $$$. Below is an excerpt, read the full article here.

"Selling online can open up huge new markets for many businesses. When your store can be open 24/7 and you can reach a global market without the costs of mailings and call centers, it can be a huge boon to your business. But there are plenty of things to consider when designing an ecommerce site. It’s not as simple as throwing up some shopping cart software and plopping products into a database.

There are tons of mistakes that online retailers make every day, all of them avoidable with a little careful planning. And even if you’re already committing some of these mistakes, most of them are easy enough to fix. Avoiding them will greatly improve the experience of your customers.

Below are 15 of the most common mistakes that e-commerce sites make, as well as advice on how to avoid or fix them. Take the advice under consideration before embarking on a new e-commerce project or when thinking over your current ecommerce site, and make efforts to follow the recommendations outlined here."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Landing Page Design

This webinar covers some of the issues many sites have that dramatically lowers their ability to convert visitors to buyers. Landing page optimization is the most effective means of maximizing conversion rates and lowering cost per conversion. Nothing wrong with 2 to 3 times more sales for the same advertising budget right? :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Invasion of the Brian Hancock profiles

I have been creating profiles on all sorts of sites to get more and more results in searches for Brian Hancock on Google. Here are a few of the recent ones, a full list to follow at some point:
More to come in my quest to make up for all of the lost time in building my personal brand.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Matt Cutts defending Google giving away FREE Android Phones - not like paying for links apparently...

Here's a video from SMX Advanced shot by Dave Dugdale where Matt Cutts is asked why Google giving away Android phones is not the equivalent of buying links.  Watch the video to hear his crafty answer. ;)

Blogspot blogs are slow to index

It sure took this blog a while to get indexed by Google.  I assumed that since Google owns blogger this blog would be indexed lightning fast, kind of like when you submit a video to Youtube.  Unfortunately that's not the case.  Google finally indexed this blog but it's still not fully indexed or ranking anywhere visible for my name... =/

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Advanced Segments in Google Analytics

A video from Google that describes the basics of using the Advanced Segmentation feature in Google Analytics.  I continue to find new ways to use this feature to arrive at ACTIONABLE data!  :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

What are the factors that go into determining the PageRank of a Twitter page?

What are the factors that go into determining the PageRank of a Twitter page? Is it the followers, backlinks, etc.? Watch this video from Matt Cutts to get your answer: